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Porsche 918 hybrid first drive on public roads

Proving once again just how serious they are about getting into (and dominating) the hybrid game, Porsche took their 918 plug-in hybrid to the pebble beach concours. Porsche have been developing their hybrid technology on the racetrack including at the Nurburgring 24 hours. This is a video from a few days before the appearance at pebble beach. the video includes some very interesting insight from michael mauer, Porsche ag design chief:

"when we started the 918 spyder project we decided we will try to keep it a secret

it is a vision for the future of the brand

the importance of this car was that due to the environment discussion there were big big question marks about the future of this type of cars and therefore as well of the future of the Porsche brand. so therefore we wanted to have the symbol that there is a future

we are using a technology that is pointing out what could be in the future but is still realistic to have it today in the car

we test in the race to be sure that it is the right technology, the right combination of components.

the next step is to move to production

the most important message is that there is no contradiction any more between performance between having fun driving and this whole environmental discussion

we are combining the best of different worlds"

Friday, August 6, 2010

Valentino Rossi Sunglasses

After much web sleuthing, I was able to figure out the brand and model of Valentino Rossi's shades that he has been wearing for some time now. He is obviously sponsored by the company, you think they would do a better job advertising what sunglasses he is wearing. Anyway here they are:

Company: Spy Optic
Model: Murena

And for no reason, The Doctor's dogs, Cesare and Cecilia: