Thursday, April 5, 2012


At this year's Sebring 12 hours I brought along a high quality audio recorder to capture some of the glorious sounds that are never really properly captured for broadcast. Over the four days that I was there I recorded a few hours of audio that came out very nicely. There is no clipping in the original recordings and in editing to adjust the amplitude for playback on stereos and computers there is nearly no loss in quality. From the 5+ hours of original recordings I am releasing about 2 hours of the best samples. Some had to be cut for wind noise or other interference but what you hear on is pure unfiltered noise from this years race. I plan to take more recordings at more events and continue to add to the collection. The site will evolve over time but for now open it up and crank up your Hi Fi.

1 comment:

  1. Fantasting, Sebring this year was a beauty and looking forward to your other recordings.
    Thanks for sharing!