Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dome s102

The Dome s102, like many Le Mans prototypes, from the past decade was overshadowed by the dominance of Audi and Peugoet in the diesel era. Running in 2008, the Dome set the fastest the qualifying time for a petrol car and managed to complete the 24 hour race despite having a few incidents that saw it in the pits for extensive repairs. 
It was my favorite LMP car that year and struck me as being the most space age looking car ever to run at Le Mans. One of the most sexualized prototypes, the Dome's front is a mix between a space shuttle and some kind of Gundam codpiece. 
A revised Dome prototype returns to Le Mans under the direction of Henri Pescarolo in 2012.

spray paint, stencil, graffiti mop, marker, on canvas. 30x30 inches

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