Tuesday, June 19, 2012

sneaking around Le Mans

In 2007 when I turned up at circuit de la Sarthe for the first time I was struck at the number of people decked out in full camo. Pants, jackets, the works. My first impression was "what the hell is going on here?" "why are all these French rednecks wearing camo to this race?". Later that day someone told me that the camouflage was for evading les Gendarmes while sneaking onto the restricted areas of the circuit like the Mulsanne straight. Here are some videos taken by these brazen fans at this year's race. Really impressive, surreal stuff.

this one is really crazy. Some kind of distortion in the audio makes for a pseudo video art experience.

reminds me of this video I took at Sebring this year. as well as racesounds.com

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