Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Palatov Motorsport at Pikes Peak

Paltov Motorsport has been designing and building trackday cars since 2008. Their unique cars, designed and built by Dennis Palatov and his team in Portland, Oregon, have emerged as serious contenders in the niche market of trackday cars dominated by established British Marques. This year they decided to take on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado springs to prove their technology and design.

Paired with three time Pikes Peak winner, David Donner, the Palatov Motorpsort team entered the unlimited class with hopes of being near the top of the timesheets for an overall win.

When I read about this project to race at Pikes peak, I contacted Dennis Palatov to ask about being a sponsor for the race. I was excited to be a part of this underdog story taking on established teams and drivers such as the Millens, Paul Dallenbach, and "Monster" Tajima. I hope to to be a part of more Palatov efforts and to put straßenversion on more cars in the years to come.

After months of preparation and delays from the wildfires in Colorado,  the team at Palatov Motorsport descended on Colorado Springs to compete. After some promising tests in the days leading up to the race, the team fitted some last minute aerodynamic improvements (including an old BMW F1 wing from David Donner's shop) and honed their set-up.

Race day was overly eventful with rain delays, retirements, and frightening crashes from some of the top competitors including Paul Dallenbach (also in the unlimited class). Immediately after Dallanbach was helicoptered to the hospital and word came back that his injuries were non life threatening, David Donner drove the Palatov D4PPS to a class win with a time of 10:04 and placed 5th overall. The video below shows the run. The low mounted camera provides a thrilling view.

Congratulations to everyone at Palatov Motorsport and David Donner for this amazing run at Pikes Peak.

photos by Joel Yust for Palatov Motorsport

This car is now up for sale on ebay. Own a piece of history!


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