Sunday, December 2, 2012

NASCAR Trucks on dirt in 2013

I'm not sure how many people who read this blog are NASCAR fans but there is some interesting (hilarious) news for 2013 that I think everyone can appreciate. NASCAR Camping World Truck Series will be racing on a super old school dirt track (Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, OH) in July.

"The Inaugural Mudsummer Classic on Wednesday, July 24 will mark the first NASCAR-sanctioned National Tour event held on dirt since September 1970 in Raleigh, N.C."

Its going to be real, its going to be spectacular, and I will definitely try to be in attendance. Dirt ovals are where all NASCAR drivers learn their craft as kids and teenagers and to see them compete on the track in the jumped up pickups is going to be a huge hit with fans of the sport. I wouldn’t be surprised if this event had the highest ratings of any NASCAR event in 2013. There were rumours of this happening but many fans were sceptical of it coming to fruition due to the lack of SAFER barriers at this archaic track. Its going to be a slo-mo (relatively) wreck fest and I'm sure the teams are dreading it.

The mentality of putting on such an event is in on the same wavelength as the outdoor stadium NHL classics on new years day or last years college basketball game on an aircraft carrier. This country knows how to entertain.

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