Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cars in 'Archer'

As we have mentioned before, it is clear that there are some gear heads working on the animation team for the FX show, Archer. Previous episodes have seen them at the Monaco Grand Prix as well as a entire episode devoted to Pam's affiliation with a Yakuza street racing gang. The style of animation employed by the show produces beautifully stylized versions of iconic cars and architecture.

Last week's episode dove into Ron Cadillac's past as a car thief and his transition to Cadillac dealership tycoon.

here are some of the cars from the episode:

Casino de Montréal

250 GTO

Cadillac Calais or Coupe de Ville? not sure if I know the difference. Mercedes Cab peeping.

Model A's

Hot Pursuit

Chop Shop

C1 Corvette in front

Coupe de Ville



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